” Expectations are a funny thing. A mismatch and hopes, dreams even, can be shattered. It was with some trepidation therefore, I accepted my wife’s suggestion that “we should really try Dalvi’s”. The reason being that I have travelled extensively around India and have been lucky enough to have eaten in some of the best restaurants India has to offer. My search for good food in the UK has taken me to so many “Indian” (usually Bangladeshi) restaurants and hopes are always high, but results are most often lacking. Food is overly spiced and not balanced or maybe too greasy or all the dishes ordered taste more or less the same. So you can see, my quest to find authentic Indian food had always evaded me.

We agreed to give Dalvi’s ago.

At this point, words fail me. Totally. From the very first nibble of Seema’s lamb cutlets, I was immediately transported back to Mumbai. In fact, dare I say that the quality of cooking is better than I have EVER experienced. Seema’s understanding of how to balance flavours is truly astonishing. My wife and I looked at each other and simultaneously said, “wow”.

Each dish delivered explosions of flavour so delicate and precise that this Chef surely deserves accolade after accolade. She is a master of her craft. If I could only get her to adopt me as a member of her family! If you are lucky enough to live in an area that is serviced by Dalvi’s, don’t hesitate to place an order. I promise you that your expectations will be exceeded.


Adrian May – Via Facebook 

“We knew we had a tough day ahead so ordered a meal to be delivered. It arrived with a smile and the food was very fresh and deep in flavour! I would recommend to anyone who wants to have Indian at its best!! We will definitely be ordering again soon”

Emma Lund – Via Facebook 

Tried Seema’s food a few times now and I’m never disappointed! Tastes like it was cooked moments ago as you can really taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients. We have a saying in Spanish “hecho con amor” when food tastes this good and this is Seema’s special ingredient.

Can’t wait for next time

Tomas Resina – Via Facebook 

I have really enjoyed the Dalvi’s Indian Cuisine experience.

The food, service and delivery was excellent. Can’t wait to order again soon. Thank youn

Sarah Wilkinson – Via Facebook 

“Indian takeaways can sometimes leave you feeling over full & bloated & quite often the base ingredients taste very similar just with different meats in.
Well not with a Dalvi’s Indian meal.  
I ordered a meal for three & asked for it to be low in fat & mild to medium spice. It arrived prompt, piping hot & Seema knowing it was my birthday brought me a birthday card & an extra treat of onion bhajis….such a thoughtful touch. 

The dishes were fragrant, full of flavour with plenty of chicken & lamb & the rice was light & fluffy. Homemade chapatis & buns to scoop up the sauces which were just mouth watering. 

All this…home made, fresh quality ingredients & taylored to our own personal taste made for a fantastic meal & we even had enough to share when an extra person turned up! 
Cannot recommend Seema at Dalvi’s enough & it will be the only Indian ‘takeaway ‘ we’ll be eating in future. 5 quality & 5 service

Julie Maughan – Via Facebook