Seema’s STORY

I am Seema and I have always been passionate about tasty homemade Indian meals. I was born in Mumbai, India and grew up with parents and grandparents who always loved cooking. I was never far away from traditional culinary skills and was brought up to enjoy the freshest of ingredients, the most wonderful meats and vegetables, and the very best herbs and spices. I learnt my cooking skills at home and good quality authentic food became my passion.

I wanted to bring my passion to others; to showcase the true, traditional taste of Indian cuisine. Many high street takeaways and restaurants cater for mainstream English tastes and the authentic taste of Indian food has been lost in the fast food arena we see in our towns.

Years of Heritage

My approach to cooking is very simple; using aromatic spices, fresh herbs and blends that are synonymous with India. My menu is based on dishes from communities across India. Many of the recipes I use have been in my family for generations and handed down to me by my parents, grandparents and in laws. Dalvi’s is a real authentic cuisine that reflects the heritage and culture history of the food I grew up enjoying.

Today’s lifestyles are busy, with all of us having work and family commitments and, often, juggling these compromises our eating habits. Dalvi’s Fine Indian Cuisine is a unique service which fits around your busy lives. When you want to plan ahead and book yourself a relaxing evening in with your feet up – your time out from your busy life without cooking – Dalvi’s can provide you with a delicious, exotic and authentic Indian meal.


Enjoy Dalvi’s cuisine – taste the difference of my authentic, traditional Indian food.

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